About me

I'm glad you're here!

I'm Bruno Campos - Brazilian, 23 years old, Computer Engineering senior. My field of study and work is Artificial Intelligence - beating complex problems by turning them into simple tasks that computers can learn by themselves. I also design and build software at a business scale and I'm often a consultor.

Below, I will present the story of how things evolved in my life. Go to the Projects section to see a few of my projects and Curriculum section if you're interested in my work.

Today, I run a software company called Accreditaire. My role is to design and build software solutions for different industries.

I’ve been into the internet world since I was 4 years old. I don’t think I could read anything at that time, but it was the starting point for constructing my mindset and what I do today for a living.

Internet access and the English language were key factors to that construction. A young kid from Brazil, unarmed with such powerful tools, wouldn’t know the dimensions of the possibilities of this big world we live in.

When I was 11, I would spend a big part of the day looking at stock quotes and charts from Ibovespa, former Brazilian stock exchange. I wouldn’t understand most of what was happening, but watching all that was exciting to me. That was the beginning of my life as an investor.

Then, I started taking small online courses on stocks and years later I was learning technical analysis, reading Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, watching every interview Warren Buffett would give and, finally, apply value investing principles to the market and helping people invest.

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

This book is essential for every value investor particularly chapters 8 and 20. Some parts are outdated and it’s focused in the American market.

In fact, this is a reference book for many other things. Graham was not only a great investor, buy a very savvy man who could speak Latin and ancient Greek.