Computer Engineer proficient in software development and artificial intelligence. International business experience. Available for hiring and contracting.



Featured skills

  • Software planning, design and development

  • Startup research and analysis

  • Business and strategic planning

  • Consulting, handling, organizing meetings and intensive negotiations

  • User Experience (UX) definition, design, and benchmarking

  • Data science, machine learning strategy and algorithm implementation


  • Consulting (software, business planning and big data)

  • Co-founded three technology startups in the past five years (two still in NCC)

  • Founder of Accreditaire – company that offers a business intelligence software solutions


Computer Engineering at UNAERP (Brazil) - Graduated 2020

Artificial Intelligence for Trading at Udacity, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Engineering at Udacity, 2018

Financial Engineering at Columbia University, 2017


Intensive business negotiation

Business planning and strategy

Software planning and development

Startup research and analysis

Digital marketing strategy and execution

Data strategy


Machine Learning:

  • Python

  • The Anaconda Stack



  • Angular

  • Wordpress


Brief internship at Berkshire Hathaway in 2018

My main roles were helping companies develop online strategy and establish a digital presence of companies such as Oriental Trading in Omaha, Nebraska. This has helped the company conduct sales through the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

Consulting for technology innovation through Inepad Consulting (2019 - now)

Consulting projects involving digital innovation and online learning for Brazilian companies and universities such as SICOOB, Banco do Brasil and Mackenzie University

App design, prototyping, and iOS development since 2016

I take occasional contracts from people and companies trying to develop their own apps. I help them design and prototype the big idea for their app and I also actively code in the iOS development team when the app is chosen to be native

Business negotiation and intermediation

I am often invited to cooperate in international business deals since I can understand multiple languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, and Italian) and I am based in Brazil. The latest deal I've cooperated was a Merge and Acquisition (M&A) involving a Canadian holding company and a technology company from Bogotá, Colombia. The M&A was valued over $ 25 MM (twenty-five million dollars) and I've helped connect the dots between a Big Four accounting firm, the client and the target company.